Small & large group safaris in Uganda, Rwanda & Congo. Are you a group of tourists who would want to go on gorilla safari holidays and adventure Uganda very bad? Travelling in a small group is fun since you have a lot of people to share the fun with. Rwanda or Uganda group safaris are fun. The only downside of group trips is complications in the planning process especially if they have activities like mountain gorilla trekking and Chimpanzee trekking. Some of you might prefer certain activities to others and some might want to sleep alone where as others are comfortable with sharing twin rooms. Availability of certain facilities might be a hassle as well.

Good news is we have all the safari experience you need in organizing large and small group safaris in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo. Whether you are budget or luxury tour clients, we are a tours and travel operator that still gets you the best bargain on safari lodges and other facilities. We have a fleet of air conditioned safari vehicles that can accommodate up to 10 persons each. If you are more in numbers, we can organize multiple vehicles to accommodate you with all your luggage. All these vehicles are installed with WiFi and so do they have ice boxes to keep your drinks cool. Let the experts handle your small group safari, get in touch with us now.

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