Rwanda wildlife tours take place in Akagera National Park, apparently the biggest of its safari parks. Since the reintroduction of black rhinos in May 2017, this park now shelters the big five game animals. Other Rwanda holiday destinations include Volcanoes National Park in Musanze and Nyungwe Forest National Park. These parks shelter wildlife too but mostly primates. Despite being one of the experienced gorilla trekking companies, we also Rwanda wildlife safaris highlight all these great places in packages. We definitely might about every single experience you are bound for, reason why we try so hard to include top destinations, facilities and service in all our holiday packages. We are majorly known for affordability and we achieve this through seeking for the best bargain on Rwanda safari lodges plus other facilities and in turn extend it to you. Booking Rwanda holidays with us means comfort whatever your budget might be. A comfortable safari is a memorable one and this is something we have always believed in. Let us introduce you to this land of a thousand hills and mountains at affordable prices. Please see some of our Rwanda holiday packages below.

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